Tapada do Chaves is an estate that has given rise to wines of renowned quality for almost 100 years.

Located in Frangoneiro, on the outskirts of Portalegre, in the region of Upper Alentejo, one finds Tapada do Chaves, an estate that has given rise to wines of renowned quality for nearly 100 years.
It covers 60 hectares in total, of which 32 hectares are vineyards, broken down into 23 planted with red grape varieties and nine with white grape varieties. Tapada do Chaves is located in a region heavily influenced by the nearby mountain range (Serra de São Mamede) and surrounding forestry and agriculture which endow it with a specific microclimate. These conditions play a crucial role in the quality and character of the wines produced.
Winemaking properties in the Alentejo over a century old are few and far between. Therefore, Tapada do Chaves is a one-off in the region. Its particular and singular qualities, thanks to the nearby mountains, make it truly unique. Implanted on a granite massif at considerable height, the grapes mature slowly and fully, which is reflected in the wines’ extremely pure aromas and a singular freshness in both the reds and whites.

The history of this label dates back to the early 20th century when Mr Chaves planted the first vineyards on his small property in Frangoneiro, which gave rise to a passionate dedication to the land.
The Tapada do Chaves estate includes two of the oldest working vineyards in the Alentejo, with records dating back to 1901 (old red vineyards) and 1903 (old white vineyards).
From the start of their history, the Tapada do Chaves wines earned an enviable array of awards and distinctions that can today be seen in the different rooms that comprise the historical cellar complex of the property.
Having a bottle of Tapada do Chaves on the table or in the basement soon became synonymous with having the best the Alentejo had to offer. These famous wines boasted a full body and smooth texture. The longevity of the wine, especially the reds, is also one of its calling cards.

Tapada do Chaves is an estate that has given rise to wines of renowned quality for almost 100 years.

The excellence of the “Tapada do Chaves” wines and their renowned quality also helped Alentejo earn its reputation as a region that produces wines of the highest quality, leading to today’s Protected Designation of Origin status.
In July 2017, a new administration took over Tapada do Chaves. Its primary goal is to relaunch the wines produced on the property and restore the fame of past times. These wines have always been one of the most prestigious in Portugal, recognized for their authenticity and quality. They have developed a mystic aura and feature among the favourites of an elite of consumers and oenophiles, from Portugal to Brazil. It’s this authenticity that we now intend to restore to “Tapada de Chaves” wines, under the directorate of Fundação Eugénio de Almeida and the guidelines of our oenologist, Pedro Baptista.

It is this authenticity that the new management intends to return to the “Tapada do Chaves” wines.
These classic wines with typical characteristics of the Alentejo have now been endowed with an image inspired on the origin of the brand. The labels are neat and clean, making the bottles at once classic and contemporary. Just like the wines themselves.
The carefully crafted design is well suited to boutique wines we present below.